In Italy, cooking is simple: between four and eight ingredients are used for a dish

It is based on quality of ingredients and not on complexity (+ grandmother – chef)
It is seasonal and it is local.


Because Italian cuisine is home cooking, of peasant origin. Farmers did not go shopping; in the kitchen, they prepared creative recipes with what they produced.

Those who had cows prepared ragout with butter and milk; if pigs were bred in the next village, lard was used in addition to butter. A little further south, the butter disappears, and oil, rosemary and wild boar appear in the sauce.

Any dish of traditional cuisine gradually changes until it becomes completely different when the distances get longer.

But what happens when the distance stretches up to 1300 miles?*

Here at Magari we have chosen to do as the farmers of the past: if an ingredient is not there, we adopt a similar one, and we often discover that it “fits”, thus creating a new variant.

We visited producers in the South West of England in search of the tastiest and most special products and were happily surprised by the discoveries we made and the people we met.

Going in search of the “real” recipe of any preparation we realized that the real recipes, in reality, do not exist. Instead, among many variations, there are those that make us feel good, connected to the land we surround ourselves in, a region of delicious food and quality produce.

We are pleased to offer recipes rooted in tradition, free to be creative, and appropriately sustainable.


*1278 miles from Rome to Bristol